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Athletic Conditioning for Optimal Fitness Results
Athletic Conditioning for Optimal Fitness Results
Beacon Boot Camp Classes Are The Quickest, Easiest, And Most FUN Way To Jump Start Your Fitness Program, Lose Pounds and Inches Fast, Make New, Supportive Friends, & Look & Feel Great In Just A Few Short Weeks!
The Fitness Class You Need For The Body You Want
The Fitness Class You Need For The Body You Want
Fitness Boot Camps Are EXPLODING Across America For One Big Reason: Campers Get Fantastic Body Changing Results Faster Than Any Other Method... And Have FUN Doing It!

Now, the Hudson Valley's Most Accomplished And Respected Fitness Service Since 2003, Hudson Valley Fitness, Invites You To Join The Boot Camp Revolution And Experience Your Own Amazing  Body Transformation With the HVF Fitness Boot Camp.
Article From
"Can fitness boot camp really do all that and transform you in a matter of weeks? Yes, says Dr. William Roberts, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine but it's going to hurt a little.  "You can get in pretty good shape in four to six weeks," says Roberts, who holds out the military as an exampl
e -it expects its recruits to be whipped into shape in a very short amount of time. With the consistent, sustained exercise the boot camp promises, you can also expect to lose weight you may not go from 190 to 165, but a 5- to 10-pound weight loss may be realistic.
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All new members are welcome to a FREE trial class to see if the boot camp service is right for them.  If you would like to attend a trial class, fill out the form below.  If you have any concerns or questions, use the form above.

Class Schedule &
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Studio Location
490 Main Street - Beacon, NY

490 Main Street is on the far east end of Main Street just beyond the sharp curve, about 1 mile from the Route 9D and Main Street intersection.

Parking is on Main Street, Tioronda Ave, or nearby city lots.
We are NOT your typical fitness "boot camp".  We are fitness professionals providing group personal training classes.  If you are looking for someone to scream at you while you exercise, look somewhere else.  That doesn't mean HVF boot camps are easy.  Plan on working very hard in every class.

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HVF - 490 Main St - Beacon, NY 12508
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 1)   Enroll in a specific monthly session for $15 per class.  See the box below for specific rates.  Any missed classes can be made up during the month in a different session, but no classes will carryover to the next month, unless HVF closes due to weather or other circumstances.  If you need to create a unique session based on your schedule, please see us and we will work with you.

 2)   Enroll in Unlimited Classes for $180.  This gives you the option to attend any morning, evening, or weekend class for the calendar month.  You must sign up for all classes you will attend by contacting HVF. (new rate for January 2013)

 3)   Drop-in to any class for $25.  Drop into any class and pay the drop-in fee at the front desk.  Purchases of 3 or fewer classes is at the $25 per class rate.

What will you receive as a Beacon Boot Camper?

- A Few Short Weeks to a Better YOU
Beacon Boot Camps run every month.  When you join you will participate in energetic, fun, and results driven fitness training.  Stay committed, attend 2-3+ sessions per week and expect weight loss, improved body composition, a smaller pant size, lost inches, and a tightened & toned body!

Let's face it, if it's not fun you will not stick with it.  The popularity of fitness boot camps is partly the result of being a new and exciting routine.  The Beacon Fitness Boot Camp will keep you looking forward to exercising.

- Feel Great About Your Accomplishments
If you are here looking for a new fitness routine, you probably are not satisfied with the results of your current or past fitness experiences.  By committing to participate in several weeks of the Beacon Fitness Boot Camp you will see results!  This feeling of accomplishment will make you look at yourself and your fitness lifestyle in a whole new way.  Say goodbye to the feeling of hopelessness.

- New Friends
You are not alone and you will not work on your goals alone anymore.  When using the HVF Fitness Boot Camp
you're surrounded by like-minded, kind and supportive individuals just like you in a small class setting.  In that kind of environment, you can not fail!

- The Best Fitness Pros in the Hudson Valley
The Beacon Fitness Boot Camp is lead by nationally certified fitness professionals, most with college education in health and wellness.

- Convenient and Fast
Our current boot camp class schedule is below.  Each class is 45 minutes in length.  You can zip in and zip out at your convenience.

- An Affordable Fitness Option
You receive everything from above and much more (can't publicly let everyone know our secret to your success) for only $15 - $25 per boot camp class.

Currently closed to new enrollments
Class Enrollment  & Rates

Enroll here or at the studio.  Classes purchased for this month will not carryover to the next month.  Please enroll for only the classes (dates) you plan on attending.

Unlimited Class Enrollment - $180 (visit studio)
*$240 if paying after the 1st of the month
(*doesn't apply to new members)

Create Your Own Schedule - $15 / class
*Add $5 per class if paying after the 1st of the month
(*doesn't apply to new members)

Drop-ins - $25 / class  (1-3 classes)
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New enrollment / membership procedure
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